Are my rights limited?
What happens when the claimant is not truthful? How do I overcome this?
How much will this claim actually cost us?
What time frames need to be of concern?
What exactly does my appeal need to say?

Appeal to Hearing

Appeal to Hearing:

“The state allowed this person to collect?” We need to review this ruling and understand the appeal process.

Hearings Consulting

Hearings Consulting:

Questions and concerns about the up and coming hearing. Our Hearing Consulting Service makes sure you have the necessary tools to win.

Full Service

Full Service:

“I object!”  Full Service allows you to have an expert unemployment consultant right there with you.

Hearings Board of Review

Hearings Board of Review:

“What did the referee not understand? I would like to appeal this case further.” Board of Review appeals written for you.


What will it take to win an unemployment hearing? The magic question is asked. Should you spend more time, energy and money on something you cannot win? Now there is help in answering the magic question, UIHEARING.COM. Whether simple questions or more complex participation is a need, uihearing.com has a solution.

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