Who are the “experts”? 
We have a staff of unemployment cost control specialists that individually have worked in the industry for over 20 years. These include former state agency hearings examiners and referees. Our knowledge of the unemployment system means you do not have to reinvent the wheel. We are your resource to save time and money in this complex and dynamic area of tax expense.

Why use this service?

The question really is: can I do this on my own and achieve the same results?  The simple answer to that is NO. Our experts can interpret the unemployment ruling, walk you through the appeal procedures, explain the processes, help frame the appeal, and answer your questions through one resources in a more time efficient and cost effective way that can be achieved internally.There are many areas of business an employer will attempt to understand and perform on their own. The reality of the situation is that the employer would have been better served letting the “experts” help. We are the unemployment appeal and hearing experts!

Can you guarantee the hearing results?

We cannot guarantee the hearing results, however, we can promise that you will be in a stronger position and have a much better understanding of the state regulations, involved issues, processes, and your rights associated with each case. Our experience and success rates for employers utilizing our services ensures a substantially higher probability of achieving their desired results. Your time is valuable – and these services will save you time and money.

Doesn’t everyone get benefits anyway?

No, this is a common mis-conception. They may or may not based upon state regulation and the issue for separation.There are differences in the disqualifications per separation issue in each state. There are differences in the non-charge provisions of the Law in each state. What you as the employer need to understand and be concerned with the potential tax ramifications involved in any unemployment claim issue and what that may mean long term.We can help you understand that everyone does not get benefits!

Can I just use one service and then upgrade?

Yes our tiered program is structured to allow for more favorable pricing as we are involved through each step of the process. While employers vary what levels to use on any given case, our experience tells us the most successful cases involve our input from beginning to end.

What if I retain you for a hearing and its postponed or cancelled?

Our fees are based on our consultation which can include participation as requested. Our representatives will schedule the time for the proceeding as well as having devoted the time invested in the preparation process with your staff. If a hearing is canceled or postponed prior to the date and time of hearing our original fee will be reduced. If a hearing has been conducted and then is continued for a later time additional fees may apply.  If the employer would like us to continue to be involved in the process after one of the above conditions is met reduced rates are available.

I am unsure whether I need you?

A good question. Use the contact form on the front page and briefly describe the level of service you are interested in. If there is a form or form(s) you want to attach you can do that as well. Our intake representatives can do a cursory review using our 10-point guideline to determine if you are a candidate for a specific level of service. You will receive a response back with payment instructions so one of our professionals can make contact upon receipt.

Can we bundle any of the services?

Yes. Package options are available depending upon a customer’s needs and time period involved. Your expert representative can discuss these options at any time and provide pricing to meet those needs.